6 Brown Couch Pillow Ideas

Brown couches are a popular color that people will choose for their homes. Brown is a neutral color that generally goes well with different home style and it brings to mind stability and earthiness. By starting with a brown sofa, it gives you a neutral foundation so you can spice it up by using different colors, textures, and patterns pillows. The important thing is to be creative and try different combination which enhance your couch’s appearance.

Blue Pillows

Blue pillows on a brown couch will almost always look great. Consider getting ocean blue or navy blue to compliment your brown sofa. If your sofa is similar to ours with a darker shade, matching them with white pillows or blue pillow with line patterns will give it a fresh look!

Stripes Pillows

Stripes are a great pattern to use for pillows because they’re the perfect balance of bold and simple. Using different type of stripes and colors, these pillows combinations are a highlight the brown sofa.

Small Prints Pillows

Small prints patterned decorative pillows looks good on a brown sofa. The small prints will not be overwhelming but just right to create a really cool look that pops from the couch and draw attention.

Solid & Textured Pillows

Throw pillows with patterns and textures like this design looks great, but they can also look overly ‘busy’ if they’re not paired with a solid to balance them out. In this design, we use cream color as the base for the patterned throw pillows which work well with the brown couch that create a cohesive, textured look. While the emerald and rose pink solid pillows give a good balance to the overall look. 

Brown & Orange Pillows

A great combination of throw pillows is brown and orange. They are very similar in colors but surprisingly they pair together nicely on a brown couch. The orange adds some boldness to the look, which is great for someone who likes a lot of color in their home while the brown blends in with the sofa, softening the contrast.  

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