Dark Cozy Cottage Core Bedroom

We have been noticing an uptick in moody, midnight-dark bedrooms that take the decadent vibe to a whole other level. While the dark bedroom trend might seem over-the-top or polarizing at first, it’s actually surprisingly easy to achieve—even if glam-goth isn’t your vibe. Read on to see some dark cozy cottage core bedroom ideas.

Paint Floors Dark

Look where you’re walking—a dark painted floor lends a subtly Scandi vibe to this space (and is a clever alternative to painting the walls, when most of the walls are taken up by windows anyway).

An Accent Wall

Not ready to commit to a whole deep-dive on murky blues? Try out the trend on an accent wall with paint or wallpaper—you’ll get the dreamy, dark effect without zapping all the light from your space. If you change your mind, it’s all the easier to repaint—without spending half your budget on primer.

Add Greenery

Who knew leafy greens looked so good against dark walls? This jungle-y bedroom is glamorous to the max but it’s also a little whimsical and fun to balance things out.

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