8 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor & Organization Tips

Have you ever been to a country farmhouse that capture your attention with its earthy, rustic elements of wood and its nature inspired color? You don’t need to stay in one to enjoy it, you can always bring farmhouse style design into your home. Farmhouse look is all about being warm and inviting, yet simple and relaxing. If you just want to introduce some elements of it and not entirely on the whole house, you can try in the kitchen. We will share with you some ideas to incorporate rustic farmhouse style in your kitchen and tips to organizing it to keep it clean and welcoming.

Organization Tip 1: Maximizing storage to the ceiling – No matter the size of your kitchen, every little inch matters when it comes to storage. A simple wooden shelf near the top increases display space for plates, bowls, and plants.

Organization Tip 2: Open Floating Shelves – You won’t find delicate materials in a farmhouse style kitchen, rather you will be seeing cooking tools out in view on open shelves. These shelves are a great place to store dishes and glassware, making this kitchen a functional and user friendly one.

(a) Simple pottery – Consider placing pottery like these on the floating shelves, not only it is practical but the color coding adds a soothing sense of rhythm to the space, making them attractive essentials to elevate the farmhouse style.

(b) Greenery – These are must haves in a rustic farmhouse kitchen and they are good to display on these open floating shleves. They add colors and life to the space, and bringing the countryside nature closer to you.

Organization Tip 3: Plate Rack – A plate rack and pot racks show off your collections while also keeping these items out of the way. Also having these racks make it  accessible when you or your family need to grab them without searching high and low in the cabinets.

Organization Tip 4: Mason Storage Jars – Don’t ignore the power of a good container system. Store your food in labeled containers and glass jars for a more polished and organized approach.

Organization Tip 5: Wicker Baskets – Declutter an open-shelving mess with these wicker baskets. They are great to hide not so pretty items in them, making your kitchen countertop tidy and clean. Getting similar texture but different designs make it visually more appealing in a farmhouse kitchen. 

Decor Tip 1: White backsplash tiles – One of the common farmhouse kitchen features is kitchen backsplash tiles. Here we wanted a simpler look instead of using full white backsplash tiles for the entire kitchen, we uses a section with it and the right side with a plain, no tile wall to accompany a farmhouse look.

Decor Tip 2: Wooden cutting boards– These are great decor items that are both visually powerful and functional to create a charming rustic look which resemble an European farmhouse.

Decor Tip 3: Abundance of Light – The benefit of having windows and in this instance skylight allow natural light source to come directly into the kitchen, enhancing the farmhouse look. If your kitchen has few or no windows, not to worry, you can always consider using the typical industrial style pendant lights to evoke the look, just like those straightforward lighting you might see in someone’s barn or factory.

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