8 Fruit and Vegetable Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

Do you have the problem of always throwing away your fruits and vegetables because they turn bad before you can even use them? After doing a thorough research, I realized the problem lies with how I was storing it. Storing your fruits and vegetables properly can help to maximize their shelf life while minimizing waste. So what is the best way to store fruit? Let’s look into the things that we should take note of and our recommedation on some ideas to store them.

1. Air Circulation.  Look for storage that allows the gases from the fruits to escape into the air, rather than getting trapped and causing the fruit to age more rapidly.

2. Visibility. Most of the time we forgot about the fruits that are tucked in the refrigerator so storing them open with a good view of what fruits you have inside, you’re much more likely to eat it while it’s still fresh!

3. Room Temperature. Your fruits can sit out on the countertop in a basket without requiring refrigeration. The only fruits that need to be refrigerated are berries and fruits that have been cut.

  1. A Farmhouse inspired 3 tiered wired basket wooden stand which is both cute and functional, a great addition to your farmhouse style kitchen.

2. These little hanging rope baskets are great way to hold your garlic, onion and shallots. Not only are they useful, they are asthetically pleasing too.

3. Replace your bottom kitchen cabinets with such open concept sliding drawers that keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

4. This white rusty looking 3 tiered hanging baskets is ideal for vintage or rustic style kitchen.

5. Do you have open kitchen shelves? These wooden crates of different sizes are great storage bins to place on the open shelves.

6. Secure these wire baskets on the wall. You can simply secure them on a wood plank and it will totally give your kitchen corner a new look.

7. The wooden bins will make a great storage system in your kitchen and they can hold a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

8. A 3 tiered black metal baskets with little hooks for your mugs will be a great match to hang it on a white brick wall. And they are easy to reach when you are preparing your meals.

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