8 Tools For Small Laundry Room Organization And Storage

Do you have a laundry room that is small, short of storage space and filled with never ending piles of laundry that makes you feel terrible and suffocating? If you are facing the same problem, we have some clever organizing ideas to help keep your space and stuff organized with style, making your laundry day better and more efficient.

1. Wall Mount Drying rack – Ideal to save space and make your towels or laundry organized, contributing to tidy home. Instead of having your wet clothes and towels stacking together, these rack is a perfect solution to conveniently store and dry them. Keep your small laundry room from clutter free!

2. Glass Jars – Keep washing powder or capsules secure in this attractive transparent glass jars and you can put a nice label sticker on them, enhancing the decor in the laundry room and keep your space nice and tidy.

3. Lint Bin – Get rid of annoying lint, used dryer sheets and unwanted loose small pocket items with a lint bin. Instead of using a bulky, unpleasant looking rubbish bin, a lint bin is a great space saving tool. Its heavy-duty magnetic strips  and sleek design allows each basket to grip tightly to the side of your washer or dryer for easy reaching.

4. Laundry Hamper – Consider getting a good looking hamper to elevate the aesthetic look of your laundry room and keep your laundry well organized. Or you can try out the laundry sorter which helps to effectively sort out your clothes by colors, types and materials, making your life easier and better.

5. Over The Door or Wall Mounted Ironing Organizer – Instead of having your ironing board leaning over the wall which may be easy to topple and occupy quite some space, try to store your iron and ironing board using this convenient over-the-door or wall mounted organizer. Easy to assemble and a great way to save space.

6. Slim Rolling Laundry Utility Cart – Unless you built your own customized laundry room, there bound to be space between your washer, dryer, cabinets and wall. To fully maximize space and have your stuff tucked in neatly, we recommend using such narrow cart to fill the awkward gaps. These tiered shelves are great to store laundry detergent, stain remover, spray starch, fabric softener and more in one convenient spot. The narrow design is a perfect fit for compact storage in small or crowded laundry rooms.

7. Over The Door Organizer Rack With Baskets – When you have a tiny space to do your laundry, you should absolutely make use of valuable door space. Hang an over-the-door organizer on the inside of the closet doors to keep your laundry products. Usually made with durable high quality anti-rust metal, these organizer comes with baskets in a few tiers that can bear weights without bending and aims to extend more space to make organization easier.

8. Storage basket bins – Decorative baskets are great for organizing your household essentials and they can be used to hold different type and size items like towels, linens. There are many different designs in the market but consider to go for simple design to have a more aesthetically pleasing and clean look. Wired baskets, natural seagrass or wicker baskets are good options.

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