9 Cozy Bedroom Color Schemes – Wall & Linens

Colors can do wonders to your home and we can use colors to create coziness in a bedroom too. Let’s transform your space by using different color combinations of walls and linens to achieve the relaxing and calm bedroom you desire to have.

Pink Accent Wall

Pink color may seem to be too feminine a color but actually with good combination of other colors they can be really modern and stylish. 

Idea 1: Navy gives pink a certain solemnity, and pink keeps navy from being too boring and dull. They are great partners as they bring the best in each other. Here we use a navy blue velvet headboard to contrast against the pink wall and together with some gray floral prints linens, the bedroom display calmness and a taste of victorian.

Idea 2: The luxury velvet pink headboard together with light gray geometric prints linens are great combinations which balances the colors and won’t cause the bedroom to be overly sugary.

Idea 3: These earthy tones of brown which are soft, warm and slightly muted are soul-soothing colors which bring comfort especially when it’s cold outside. The bedroom is so heart warming that you wish you can spend the whole day in bed.

Green Accent Wall

This tone always bring us the association with nature. The color is revitalised, energised and by using it on the wall, it can freshen up the entire room.

Idea 4: Imagine the calmness of still ocean and the serene feel of a peacefuly summer sky, you can incorporate these colors of green, blue or white into your bedroom with pillows and linens. Calm colors are slightly muted, without any sort of edginess so do avoid the brightest shades of these colors.

Idea 5: Muted greens and pastel tints act as neutrals. Just by using pillows and linens of pastel pink and green bring soothness to the eyes and pleasing to the soul.

Gray Accent Wall

Gray works its magic every single time, creating a cool and inviting backdrop that feels inherently urbane and perfect for a contemporary, modern and Scandinavian style bedroom.

Idea 6: Using different tones of gray, this timelss palette creates a serene ambience in the bedroom. Not only have we injected some pastel pink in linens, we have also use them on the pendant lights and even the flowers to elevate the whole experience.

Idea 7: Bluish-gray, the two colors which combined is making giant waves in the decorating world for some time now. Couple it with décor and accessories in darker tones of gray or brighter hues of blue and you have a comtemporary chic bedroom that is also incredibly adaptable.

Orange Brown Accent Wall

Orange is a beautiful and contemporary color that is warm and cozy. The color is known to promote general wellness and can have both calming and energizing effects, making it the perfect bedroom mood-setter.

Idea 8: The warm, pale orange wall contrasts well with navy blue headboard. To balance the look and lighten up the space, white and gray linens are used to create the coziness and comfy feeling.

Idea 9: The dye patterened brown orange wall is a focal point in the bedroom so in order not too be too overwhelming, we have match it with plain gray colored pillows and linens. However you can play with texture on these bedding items so as to create a more dimensional effect.

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