Baby Nursery Ideas and Organization Tips

The nursery is your baby first home and the space that welcomes them into the world should boast an inviting, calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. Of course, your baby’s room also needs to be functional and comfortable for you.Let’s look at these nursery ideas with effective organization strategies that will ease your stress.

Crib Canopy

The canopy is really beautiful decor that can bring beauty to the nursery. A newborn baby finds himself in a huge world, where there are many extraneous colors, sounds and movements. The limitation of space with a canopy allows the baby to feel in a secluded corner. Besides, with a darker colored one helps the baby to fall asleep faster.

Containerize and Label Everything

Find attractive open bins for the shelves of your changing table and give each one a specific category. Inside your closet, you can use stackable containers or boxes and label them. You can label them by size, season or whichever way that is easy for you to recognize and access when you need them.

Whimsical Pendant Light

Pendant lights as shown in these nurseries are both magical and functional. Do place the crib and changing table a distance away from the pendant light if is not a fully covered one as you do not want your baby eyes to stare directly to the light source.

Go Vertical

Take advantage of the height of the nursery walls not only for decoration but extra storage space. Place items you won’t use often, or don’t want a curious kid to get into, out of reach on horizontal wall shelves or tall vertical bookcases.

Cozy Nursing Corner

A well organized nursery nook is a must-have. It’s an area that’s set up to comfortably relax and feed the baby while bonding with the little one. You will be spending quite a bit of time in this nook, so set up a sweet and cozy nursery nook where you can relax and enjoy quality time with the baby. Set up a nursing nook with a comfortable nursery chair, a foot stool, a side table, lighting, nursing pillow and a basket to store swaddles and blankets.

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