Baby Room Design Ideas

Nursery ideas have changed a lot in recent years. Traditionally, we might think of girls’ nurseries in pink and boys’ nurseries in blue but now, many of us search for neutral colors nursery because it gives us greater decorative freedom. These nursery ideas are designed to suit all tastes, with different themes and colors so you probably would find one that interest and inspires you.

Idea 1: Colors

In terms of color choices for your nursery ideas, neutral shades are very popular as these will make the transition from baby to toddler seamless. They also work brilliantly to match the color and style with other rooms in your home. You can use accessories to add character, which can be easily updated as your baby grows rather than having to redecorate the whole room. Fun and playful prints have also been hugely popular. Don’t feel you have to opt for one color either: using various tones of the same color gives the space depth.

Idea 2: Windows

When it comes to selecting bedroom curtain ideas for a nursery, it is important to pick these based on the size of the window and what direction your nursery is facing. Blackout curtains or blinds will help your baby sleep for longer and block out any distractions. There are lots of colorful options available, which means this can be a space to incorporate pattern and color into your nursery design. If your baby’s room faces the street, doubling up on blinds and curtains will help cut down on traffic noise and the voices of passersby, too.

Idea 3: Flooring

This is a personal decision whether you want to carpet the room or opt for something that is more practical to clean. If you do go for hard flooring then soft rugs will make a room more inviting and will also be essential for playtime on the floor.

Idea 4: Lighting

Soft lighting tends to be preferred for this space, and there are some lovely fairy light options to add a little night time magic to a nursery. A soft night light will prevent you stumbling around in the dark during those night time feeds and a small reading lamp will make bedtime stories much easier to read. You can also pick eye-catching central pendant that hits all the interior trends you want it to, but which is colorful and bright for your baby, too.

Idea 5: Cozy Corner

Your baby’s nursery is not just a space for them to sleep, it is also a place for parents to relax and unwind. When picking out nursery furniture, incorporate a comfortable chair or seating area for you to rest when feeding or soothing your baby. 

Idea 6: Texture

Textures and tones are a great way to freshen up any nursery. This soothing olive green wooden accent wall panels is a great example. Besides this, indoor plants are a great way to add a pop of greenery and texture into a space, and this is no different for a nursery. For a low maintenance option, indoor faux foliage is an easy, affordable alternative to real plants.

Idea 7: Wall Decor

An eye-catching wall is the perfect way to add life. You can try to paint, use wallpaper and also mural to bring your nursery to another level. A mural is wonderful as a backdrop behind the cot bed or changing table – it adds character to the room and gives the baby something to focus on while trying to self-soothe or while on the changing table.

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