Bathroom Decor Style and Tips

A bathroom design should combine function and style to reflect your personal taste. You want a beautiful bathroom design that is cohesive and flows seamlessly with the rest of your home décor. We have compiled a list of bathroom decorating ideas and tips, and we would love to share them with you.

Seamless Built-In Storage For Double Sinks Vanity

Clean and minimal vanity door panels create a modern look, and vanity legs introduce a more spacious, floating feel. The roomy drawers and cabinets are designed to accommodate large or small accessories.

Don’t Hide the Shower or Bath

In all likelihood, large fraction of your bathroom’s available space is taken up by your bath or shower. As such, when you cover it up with an opaque shower curtain, you’re creating an artificial barrier that makes the bathroom appear much more confined. Replace opaque shower curtains with clear ones or totally omit the curtains all together. so that all of your bathroom space is visible at all times.

Brighten It Up

Choose light bulbs for your pendant lights and scones to create a soft, white light, rather than harsh yellow-orange ones. Also, consider leaving the windows uncovered, as this will allow more natural light into the bathroom, while also providing occupants with a view outside ane will make your bathroom feel more spacious too.

Organize With Hooks & Racks

This provides an easily-accessible and organized place for everyone to hang used towels and clothes, while also keeping them making the walls look cluttered. Alternatively, by installing multiple small towel racks in place of a single large one, you can achieve a similar result.

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