Bathroom Organization & Decoration Hacks

To have an efficient and happy start of the day, keep your bathroom the first place that you will head to after you wake up, clean, beautiful and organized. Of all the places in the house, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used and probably shared which can get cluttered pretty fast in a usually cramped space. Here we will explore ways and ideas to add more storage space to your  bathroom and decorating it so as to reclaim your precious vanity space and start your day fresh!

#1 Hack: Rope baskets for storage or/and laundry 

Cotton woven storage baskets are great for storage for your bathroom essentials such as toilet rolls, towels. You can use it to hold your laundry too and with their stretchy material, you can hold up to a good load of clothes. They are environmental friendly and adds a natural touch to your bathroom. Their soft cotton texture makes them safe for baby, child and even to your floors.

#2 Hack: Pendant light with plants

Have you ever thought of incorporating greens with your lights? Check out this lush foliage mingle in this super Plant Pendant Light. This feature light is perfect for styling with your favourite flowers or plants, fresh or faux. Not only does this light gives light to your bathroom, it brightens up your space with a touch of nature and a great piece of decor to the air space above.

#3 Hack: Tower warmer and rack

Isn’t it lovely to have a warm towel or robe after shower in this cold season? Well a heated towel rack will make this possible for your bathroom. Not only does a hot towel warmer adds extra warmth to your bathroom to make you feel comfortable, they’re perfect for drying your wet towels too. This is a space-saving feature that you can organize your towels neat and tidy on this rack. 

#4 Hack: Over the toilet built in storage

This is a great way to maximize your bathroom storage space by making use of the area above and around your toilet that would probably be empty. To make it more coherent with the bathroom interior, we have actually install a build in cabinet over the toilet. As you can see, we have created an enclosed white cabinet with a walnut brown open area with lighting so you can place your decor or lit up your aromatic candles while taking a bath.

#5 Hack: Roller cart

A storage trolley like this is an easy and great way to increase your space and organize your items in them. Instead of always searching high and low for yoru items, you can have your essentials within reach wherever you need them. It is compact and can just be tucked at a corner when you dont need them.

#6 Hack: Bathroom Plant Decor

We have placed a Fiddle Leaf Fig in this bathroom as they are very tolerant plant and thrives in warm and wet conditions. So the steamy conditions of the bathroom would be just perfect for this plant. The size of this plant is large and would look great in a beautiful pot with stand on the floor. Adding greens in this confined space just breath life into the whole area.

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