Bedroom Decor Ideas For Women

Bedroom ideas for women can sometimes get lost in the interior design world.

Too often are they crammed into the same box as romantic bedroom ideas, co-habiting couples or full of pink and floral patterns. We’ve put together a montage of our neutral female-friendly bedroom ideas that are the perfect balance of chic sleep space and girl power.

Scandinavian Bedrooms

Minimalist and chic, Scandinavian decor is an excellent choice for a feminine bedroom. A warm, neutral color palette consisting of white, cream, and tan is all you need to get started. To keep the space from feeling too stark, bring in an abundance of greenery. Plants are an excellent way to warm up a room and add color organically without compromising the sleek, monochromatic vibe. If neutrals aren’t your vibe, try introducing a subtle, nature-inspired shade to brighten things up. Sage green walls, terra cotta pots, or pale blue bedding will add a touch of personality to an otherwise boring room while still keeping things tranquil. Wood furniture and flooring can also bring warmth and dimension to the space in a way that evokes the outdoors.

White Bedrooms

If you want a crisp, clean aesthetic and tranquil vibe, look no further than a white bedroom. Monochromatic color schemes allow the gaze to travel across the room uninterrupted, so a calm-inducing color like white is a no-brainer. Incorporate a variety of textures—corduroy, leather, distressed wood—to add visual interest and keep the room from falling flat. If you want to warm the room up a little, try bringing in neutrals to ground the white and give the eye somewhere to rest. Wooden bedside tables, cream curtains, or black picture frames could elevate the space while maintaining a chic, neutral aesthetic. That said, don’t be afraid to throw in some color if you want to! Whether you keep it subtle with pink throw pillows or go bolder with a lemon yellow rug, peppering in some colorful accents can energize the room even more.

Boho Bedrooms

Chill, free-spirited, and effortlessly cool, boho decor is a favorite for women’s rooms the world over. This design style is all about maximalism and worldliness, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who isn’t a fan of super trendy, minimalist bedrooms. Pile on the prints and patterns! However, if you want just a touch of whimsy in your otherwise serene space, there are plenty of ways to evoke this aesthetic without covering the room in ikat. Earthy, organic pieces are big in boho design, so bring in natural materials wherever you can. Wicker baskets, rattan chairs, and chunky woven blankets are all elements that can help bring the room together. Greenery is also a must, so add a few plants in terra cotta pots to finish off your boho paradise.

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