Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

When it’s done right, a bedroom with bright bohemian decor exudes creativity in a tasteful way. The art of layering patterns, mixing colors, and combining furniture styles can give a room a fun, free-spirited vibe. From a crowded room bursting with color and pattern to a more toned-down exotic feel, there’s a boho room out there for you. So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with this casual-chic aesthetic, look no further than this collection of gorgeous bohemian rooms.

Idea 1: A Variety Of Textures

One thing the boho home never lacks is texture. Baskets, macramé wall hangings, hang a tapestry, layer throws over your furniture, get some crazy pillows and pile them on your sofa. In bohemianism, the saying goes “more is more”, so add a bunch of stuff you love! Start by bringing a variety of several items into the area you are decorating. Move them around, play around with different shapes and materials until it feels right. it’s too much you can always pare it back!

Idea 2: Something Painted In Bright Color

This can be a tangy orange feature wall, a chair painted bright red in the corner, a gorgeous cabinet painted a lush tropical green – you name it! If the item is a little rough around the edges, even better! The bohemian look is far from sterile and perfect, in fact it thrives on those little imperfections which can make people feel more relaxed and at ease within a space.

Idea 3: Don’t Use Too Much Black

If you’re after chic bohemian decor, then try to stay away from large, black pieces of furniture or big pieces of furniture in super dark woods. Stick with light, bright woods. Dark woods are pretty heavy, whereas light bleached woods provide airiness and a clean backdrop for the colors, patterns and textures that you’ll be adding to your room. If you take this approach, you should still try to remember to add one or two darker elements to anchor your room.

Idea 4: Patterns Everywhere

Similar to adding a lot of texture, patterns are key in boho decor. However do also leave space for your eye to rest, otherwise it can become a visual overload. So, if you have a large colorful rug, try keeping the base furnishing fairly pared back with just a pop of accent color that complements the rug’s big color statement.

Idea 5: Plants, Plants, Plants

The more the better! I have yet to see a photo of a proclaimed boho room that doesn’t have at least 3 plants! Plants just give that effortless “jungley” natural vibe, and they are amazing! I can’t recommend filling your home with living plants enough. Also, don’t forget hanging plants which can add a ton of visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty. Cacti are especially popular in the jungle boho decor trend, so if you have access to some prickly friends, definitely grab some!

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