Boho Bedroom Color Schemes

Boho has been one of the most popular interior design style for recent years. You will see the names boho, boho chic, and bohemian in many of the home decor magazines and blogs. This interior design style is said to have been influenced by various other styles ranging from hippie to rocker.

This style is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, natural materials, tribal designs, and fun prints. Although it does not have many rules, there are still a few signature color palettes that show up in boho interiors, time and time again. Below are some of the most popular bohemian colors to try in your boho home but remember, boho style is all about marching to the beat of your own drum.

1. Earth Tone

Bohemian style is very down-to-earth, so it’s fitting that it often goes hand in hand with an earthy color palette. Using beige as the based mixed with rust, olive, and khaki by adding throw pillows, comforters, paintings of these colors to create this style.

2. Pastel Blue

Blue is color with many faces and views. The whole trick is only a skillful selection of complementary shades and colors. For example this pastel blue tones on the sofa bed can  provide luminosity, spaciousness, and freshness to your bedroom.  And pastel blue blend in really well with the neutral white and grey, so don’t hesitate to use it in your boho home.

3. White with Wood and Metallics

Stick to a white or off white boho color palette is the most common of all and just by injecting some natural wooden elements and metallic accents, like gold and brass will create the bohemian effect.

4. Shades of Brown

Brown is one of those colors that create a warm and elegant atmosphere in a boho home. Cocoa, beige, caramel, chestnut, cinnamon to name a few are range of shades of brown that are rich and varied. Ranging from lighter shades (e.g. beige) to darker tones (e.g. chocolate), the warm brown color  is a tone that immediately creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in any room.

5. Subtle Orange

This is one of the most used colors of bohemian style. In addition to transmitting heat and energy, it is a color linked to movement, communication, and creativity. However if is used in a bedroom, try to use a more subtle or dull shades of orange to create the cozy ambience. Another nice idea to add orange into your boho home is through accessories. Use cushions, comforter, hang decorations or even buy a carpet with a touch of the orange shade in it.

6. Classic Grey

Grey remains at the top of the list. It’s the color for chic and elegant furnishing. Well, this color helps to achieve a bohemian environment. Of course, if space constraint is a thing, we recommend using light grey. If you are not painting your wall grey, you can choose a grey bedframe or opting your accessories to be in different shades of grey, the ultimate choice lies with you.

7. Gorgeous Green

Soothing and refreshing, green is a color that is becoming increasingly important in our boho-chic style interiors. Green has been a ubiquitous color in reference to nature and ecological concerns and has multiple shades that allow us to bring many effects in our boho home. Green highly compatible with nature colors such as shades of brown as well as the classic white.

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