Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bohemian decor is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items. With the “no rules” approach, embracing  the carefree, relaxed, and the unusual , mixing all sorts of colors, patterns, textures, and embellishments whenever desired. It is eclectic by nature and therefore each room is unique with no two rooms are ever completely alike. Let us look at some decor ideas to turn your boring bedroom into a chic Bohemian paradise?

Idea 1: Seagrass Baskets

Seagrass and wicker baskets can really work well in different home style but they are especially suitable for the boho homes.  Give your plants a spot to take root with these natural baskets which can use for storage or plants.

Idea 2: Plants

Bohemian style is all about nature, plants and trees, you won’t find a Boho room that has less than three plants. Cacti are especially popular in the jungle boho decor trend. The green color is very relaxing, plus, your green friends will supply your bedroom with fresh air without toxins which is ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Idea 3: Macramé Wall Decorations

Macramé is a knotting technique for creating textiles and you can always see them in boho style rooms. Macramé can be used to create stunning pendant lights and more, but the technique is especially known for beautiful wall decorations like this dream catcher here.

Idea 4: Peacock Chair

The iconic peacock chair is a must. Your bed is probably the most comfortable spot in your home, but don’t let it be the only seating spot in your bedroom. Boho bedrooms are not only for sleeping—they are safe havens where you can escape from the world. A low-level armchair or a corner filled with throw pillows will make your space perfect for enjoying a good book or a short meditation session and fully embracing boho decor. 

Idea 5: Area Rug

This classic ivory rug with thin black lines is a popular choice for a Bohemian style rug that doesn’t draw too much attention. Matching with a softer neutral rug will be a great choice if you want to add a lot of color elsewhere in your home.

Idea 6: Wild Variety of Textures

Textures are just a must have in every Boho space, but notice how it is used in this instance with different textured rugs, pillow, throws, mirror, wall decor, planters and more. Brilliant! Even if you don’t like a super busy space and overly bold colors, you’ll achieve that interesting and cozy look with textures. The good thing about textures is that if you notice you pushed things too much, you can always pair things back and create a space you can relax and fall asleep in. 

Idea 7: Bohemian Rugs

A colorful bohemian rug is one of the best items to introduce Boho style in your bedroom. Not only is it functional but it is aesthetically attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Idea 8: Mix and Match Patterns and Colors

Bohemian style doesn’t do well with rules, so feel free to experiment and be yourself. Matching florals and paisleys with tribal patterns looks surprisingly interesting. Clashing colors can also look amazing if you know where to stop—even though the Boho decor style is maximalist, it doesn’t mean you can overburden the space.  The brighter the color, the better!

Idea 9: Wood Furnitures

Bohemian furniture is all about natural materials – and wood is a classic choice for making Boho furniture. The wooden bedside table here just stand out in the room.

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