Boho Bedroom Decor Inspirations

Boho is definitely up there as one of my favorite interior decorating styles! The cozy atmospheres of boho interiors, the layered eclecticism and the lived-in feel, boho rooms just feel more approachable to me. There are so many different variants from a neutral, minimalist look with plenty of textures to a colorful vintage-inspired space that maximalists will love. We’ve covered them all here, plus some tips on how to recreate the style in your current space.

Bring In Some Rattan

You very rarely see a boho room without some form of rattan in it. Rattan – or any natural texture, seagrass, sisal, cane – instantly add that all-important texture. Plus, you can find pieces to suit whatever style you are going for, it can be pendant lights, ottoman or whatever vintage rattan pieces that enhance the boho style!

Pops Of Green

Bringing in some greenery instantly lifts a neutral color scheme. And we say the more the merrier, as soon as your house starts to resemble a mini jungle, you are about halfway there. Pick larger plants like palms and fiddle leaf figs for the corners of the room or give your smaller plants some height with plant stands. Then scattered smaller plants on shelves and in hangers to add texture throughout the rest of the room.

Hanging Chair

It doesn’t get more boho than a hanging rattan chair. They work surprisingly well in small bedrooms too because they technically don’t take up any floor space and don’t add any visual bulk to the room. Add a cute cushion and a blanket to soften it up, and you have a lovely spot to read and relax away from your main living room.

Soft Lighting

When it comes to bedroom lighting you want everything to be soft and glowy and for us, that means fairy lights or decorative lights. We love how these lights decorate the space and blend in harmoniously with the material going on in the rest of the space.

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