Boho Home Decor Inspirations

With the cozy atmospheres of boho interiors, the layered eclecticism and the lived-in feel, boho rooms just feel more approachable and welcoming. If you’ve noticed the bohemian home trend and are wondering how to get the look in your own home, then this guide full of boho decor tips is really going to help you out!

Tip 1 – Patterns

Patterns are key in boho decor. However it is wise to have a balance and leave space for your eye to rest, otherwise it can become a visual overload.  If you have a large rug full of patterns, try keeping the base furnishing fairly pared back with just a pop of accent color that complements the rug’s big color statement.

Tip 2 – Textures

One thing the boho home never lacks is texture. Adding texture to your room can be achieved in so many ways!Hang a tapestry, layer throws over your furniture, get some crazy pillows and pile them on your sofa. In bohemianism, the saying goes “more is more”, so add a bunch of stuff you love!  Start by bringing a variety of several items into the area you are decorating. Move them around, play around with different shapes and materials until it feels right.

Tip 3 – Plants, Plants, Plants

The more the better! I have yet to see a photo of a proclaimed boho room that doesn’t have at least 3 plants! Plants just give that effortless “jungley” natural vibe, and they are amazing! I can’t recommend filling your home with living plants enough. Hanging and vining plants can help add a ton of visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty. Cacti are especially popular in the jungle boho decor trend, so if you have access to some prickly friends, definitely grab some!

Tip 4 – Lights

In any decor style, lightings are extremely crucial and thinking about your lighting when you’re creating a boho space is no exception. You can mix and match whatever types of light sources but I find what works best for the boho look are natural fibre pendants or bohemian style ones.

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