Boho Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Boho-style bedrooms mix multiple patterns, textures, and colors to create an eclectic, global-inspired look. Many incorporate layered blankets with colorful tassels, a mix of patterned throw pillows, and funky oversize light fixtures, but there’s more to this popular design style. It turns the “less is more” rule upside-down and combines vintage with modern and earthy with glam. Besides Boho being cozy and relax, it can been romantic and dreamy too. Gain inspiration and ideas from our favorite boho romantic bedrooms here.


Candles are an important part of the boho bedroom decor too because they help set up the room with a a more romantic feel. You can place them on tables and shelves to create this dreamy ambience.

Natural Wooden, Bamboo Furniture and Accents

Natural materials goes well with the earthy vibe of boho decorating styles. Boho-chic decorators love boho décor that makes a statement, boho home furniture and accessories are the way to achieve that boho vibe. Dreamcatchers, bamboo bed frame, boho lanterns, boho tapestries, boho mirrors, boho candleholders, boho planters.

Bed Canopy

Adding a beautiful canopy is another boho bedroom decorating idea that will add a romantic vibe and an element of dreaminess. Bed canopies have been around for centuries, but they’re making a comeback today as more people want a little bit of luxury in their lives.

Fairy Lights

Lighting is a simple way to add ambiance to any space. Fairy lights are a great boho bedroom decor idea because not only do they give off boho vibes, but they’re also super easy to hang around your room. You can also string boho lanterns up in boho-themed rooms for a boho mood lighting effect.

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