Christmas Tree Ideas and Inspirations

Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit. When you’re surrounded by the glow of beautiful lights, soft, cozy textiles, and the fresh scent of a Christmas tree, it’s nearly impossible not to start to feel that special sparkle of the season. In this post, explore some truly gorgeous and modern ideas and inspirations on how to style your Christmas tree this year

Reflect The Room’s Color Scheme In Your Decorations

While a Christmas tree is always going to stand out, we also want it to feel like part of the furniture, as if it grew up naturally through the floorboards. Taking into consideration your existing decor is the best way to make your tree feel like home, so think about using your room’s color palette as inspiration for everything from your topper to the Christmas tree skirt ideas. In this neutral living room, the warm whites and creams of the surrounds are echoed in the gold, silver and white of the tree decor.

A Traditional Look With Red Decor

Many of us have acquired an eclectic collection of Christmas tree ornaments over the years, and would rather use them to conjure memories of Christmases past than have a totally matching tree. A mismatched look has a traditional feel, so bolster that by running color-blocking items of red and green decor throughout the tree. This will help create a sense of consistency, while still allowing you to enjoy your old favorites.

Single Color Baubles On Your Christmas Tree

The single use of color is bold and looks terribly expensive, whilst the contrast between the sheen of pine needles and the velvet soft finish of matt baubles is deeply satisfying.’ The boldness of this contemporary choice is bolstered by the use of larger size same color baubles, which are also a great way to make a Christmas tree look fuller.

Create A Winter Wonderland

Don’t just bring a tree into your living room this Christmas – bring the atmosphere of an entire snow-covered forest. If you’re worrying about how to keep a Christmas tree alive (or at least green) and leaning towards an artificial option, consider frost-effect trees that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a frozen fjord.

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