Coffee Table Decor and Styling

No matter the size of your living room, a coffee table is a multifunctional piece that always deserves a spot. And the coffee table decor you choose can serve to pull the entire room together or make a dramatic statement. As the focal point of your living room, your coffee table acts as an anchor for your ottomans, armchairs, and sofas. Let’s look at some coffee table decor and styling tips to transform your living space to a cozy and stylish one.

Style It Up With Books or Magazines

When in doubt, you can always count a couple of neatly stacked piles of books or magazines to liven up your coffee table. You can always style it with some interesting accents on top of a pristine stack of books or magazines.

Light It Up

Keep those candles and diffusers on display so that you’re ready to make your home a fragrance-filled haven at any time. Corralling scents on a tray is an excellent way to keep your setup nice and tidy. Don’t feel like you have to stop at just one candle, either—feel free to set out an entire collection so that there’s always some variety.

Have Some Green

You can always count on a bit of greenery to brighten up a humdrum coffee table. You can always place some planters on your coffee table to energize your space with natural elements.

Use A Metallic Bucket or Pitcher Instead

Why invest in an old-fashioned flower vase when you can put your bouquets in a pretty and stylish metallic ice bucket or pitcher on your coffee table instead? Try repurpose your bucket or pitcher to hold flowers or plants for an unexpectedly sophisticated coffee table display.

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