Cozy Apartment Aesthetics

The key to creating a cozy space is to corporate items and aesthetics that reflect you. Aesthetic apartments are characterized by the presence of greenery (think plants or hanging vines, both real or faux), muted colors (neutrals like beige, white, grey are most common), and fun light fixtures (think LED strands or string lights).

Ceiling Plants

If your living area is fairly neutral, consider adding visual interest by hanging greenery from the ceiling.

Install Shelf Up High

If you’re trying to figure out a tasteful way to showcase a small collection of plants and artwork, consider installing a high shelf directly above your tv console.

Lights Over The Room

Hanging string lights over the room like the bedroom, study room and even balcony are an easy way to add a playful touch to the space.

Terrific Texture

Experiment with different textures make a space feel more elevated. Using pillows, throws and tapestries of different materials create a cozy effect.

Statement Lighting

A striking light fixture, like this natural looking weaved pendant , is ideal for giving a room an instant upgrade.

Portrait Wall

Having a hard time choosing a few photos to showcase on your wall? Make it easy on yourself by opting for a statement-making portrait wall instead.

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