Cozy Christmas and New Year Bedroom Decor Ideas

Don’t forget your bedrooms when you decorate for Christmas and New Year! You can go big or decorate with just a few small touches but don’t forget to give them a little festive touch! Let’s share some great tips to decorate your bedrooms for Christmas.

Christmas Tree

This is a must have to create the festive Christmas feel. But it doesn’t mean you got to take them off right after Christmas, they are great décor for new year too and with the string lights on it, it just so magical and romantic!

Fairy Lights

Twinkling fairy lights is a must-have Christmas bedroom decor. Not only will it help to add a little sparkle and create a festive feel, but you can also leave them up till new year for a gorgeous glow. These twinkling lights have the ability bring the ambiance of the room to the next level. Try line them across your headboard, wall and even on your canopy bed if you have one.


Balloons are so festive and they are perfect for occasions like Christmas and New Year. These gold and glittery balloons are so pretty, happy, bring a special feel to any holiday and can be put up super last minute.

Pillow and More Pillows

There is nothing in this world more inviting than a plush bed chock-full of pillows. A bed like this is basically begging you to jump right in. We suggest going after cozier pillows that are as cute as they are comfortable. While you definitely do not need to justify the number of pillows on your bed, at least this way they’ll be more than just decorative.

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