Cozy Modern Bedroom Decor Color Tips

Anyone with even a lick of knowledge about colour know that it can completely transform the look and feel of a space – and when it comes to the most personal room in the house, it’s no different. As a zone where we begin and end our days, our bedrooms should represent a santuary, so when it comes to the colours you adorn it with, the palette should invite rest and calm, yet looking cozy and modern.

Wall Panels

Wood paneling has become one of the hottest and most popular home decor trends to add some textures or different colors to the wall decoration of the room. For a cozy modern look, you can consider grey or beige.

Throw Pillows

Not only do throw pillows give your bed a plush look, but they can add a much-needed pop of color. This is a good place for warm, bold colors that are too stimulating for the bedroom walls.


Along the same lines as slipcovers, duvets provide a similar solution. They can easily cover an old bedspread to add color and freshness to a room. Easily washable, you can switch out duvets based on the season or your mood – and they are much less expensive then buying new quilts or bedspreads.


One of the most obvious ways to add color is through artwork. Don’t purchase a piece of art simply because it has the right color. Make sure the piece is one you enjoy. Don’t buy a print because it has the right colors.

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