Cozy Apartment Inspiration

I love seeing spaces transformed into homey, cozy rooms full of comfort and inspiration. If you just moved into a new dorm or apartment, and it’s looking dull, drab, and empty – Here are some cozy apartment inspiration to try out to transform your new space to feel more like home.

Eye Catching Ceiling Fixtures

Incorporating a bold ceiling fixture will direct attention upward and open up your space. A large, even over-scale ceiling fixture can add illumination and drama, and also trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it actually is.

Fill The Corner

When everything seems to be in the right spot, but something is still not quite right — check your corners. Too many open edges can make a room look harsh. Give it a homey feel by adding corner shelves, comfy chair or a standing lamp.


Who doesn’t like freshness around? The mere accommodation of natural planters in the space recharge the whole mood. Despite adding color and naturalistic impact, they assist in purifying the space which make it impossible not to feel relaxed and energized.

Wall Decor

Most apartment have bare, neutral walls. Covering them up with some personal touches turns the look from cold and boring to warm and relaxed. Unless your lease says otherwise, you should be able to add some tapestries and art to the wall.

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