Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Cramped quarters are no one’s ideal situation, but sometimes we have no say in the size of our bedroom. We do, however, have a say in how we decorate it! The good news is that a little strategic styling and creative organization will make your small space feel comfortable and cozy. Let’s explore some cozy bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Tiny Wall Art

Small rooms are the perfect place to create the tiniest art gallery. Shop thrift shops, galleries, and home decor stores for small paintings and prints. Then hang a bunch of them on one wall for an eclectic collection. You can even make your own art by painting small canvases or canvases of different sizes that are on the smaller side.

Floating Shelves Above Bed

Floating shelves work wonders in a small bedroom because they can add a lovely surface to decorate but take up zero floor space. We love the look of one or two mounted above the bed, almost instead of a headboard. Fill with books, frames, lighting and greenery too to add some texture and interest.

Max Up The Coziness In Small Bedroom

Small doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, a small bedroom can be a thing of cozy wonder so why not embrace the tininess?! Make sure you have plenty of soft furnishing, minimal bulky furniture and of course plenty of fairy lights and candles.

Low Slung Furniture

If you are decorating a small bedroom that has low ceilings or maybe an attic bedroom then choosing low slung furniture is am easy way to make the room feel less cramped. Platform beds just happen to be bang on trend right now too and look gorgeous as part of a more relaxed, boho style bedroom.

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