Cozy Desk Setup

It is important that your office is practical and functional. Even so, it should be able to reflect not only your preferences but also to make you feel comfortable. If you want to be happy and productive at work, it’s important to make sure your office reflects who you are as a person. Let’s check out these ideas for a cozy desk setup.

Scented Candles

Seasonal candles that’ll fill your work area with homey scents that make you happy and nostalgic all at once. Light this after that stressful work call that has your anxiety spiking for a bit of calm energy that’ll help you recenter and power through the rest of your tasks.

Soft Throws or Rugs For The Chair

Soft throws or faux-sheepskin rug you can drape across your office chair to make it feel soft, warm, and luxurious. You can easily transform your old, stained office chair to a new cozy one.

Stress busting Houseplants

Small home office ideas like with any other home office can always benefit from adding in a few houseplants. Be sure to style in a selection of houseplants – whether they’re faux or the real deal, you’ll ream the benefits of having pops of greenery dotted around the space, helping to alleviate work-related anxiety and promote clarity.

Open Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great addition to an office that needs extra organization and some personality. First we have the essentials which could be anything from a diploma and pens to folders or documents. Next it’s time to add in the almost-essentials like professional-based books or magazines, basic supplies like pens, pencils, or notebooks, and any other job-specific item that would be nice to feature on the shelves. Lastly, and most importantly/fun, we add in the rest of the decor. We have a few go-to office decor items: clocks, plants, photos or framed projects, trinket holders, and candles.

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