Cozy Maximalism

Don’t mistake being a maximalist with having a cluttered space. Maximalist rooms are artfully decorated with a “more is more” philosophy, whether this involves displaying an expansive collection, mixing and matching a variety of colors and patterns, or filling a wall with artwork. Maximalism wants bold, bold, BOLD. Pattern, color, scale, and drama are all working together to be noticed and that, in a way, makes this style work.

Just Hanging

Bare walls are very uncommon in maximalist designs. Add some major oomph to your walls by creating a gallery-like display that showcases all of your favorite photos and prints. If you really feel like going all in, hang a gallery that runs from the floor to the ceiling. Showcase your personality through your walls and don’t be afraid to use your walls in unique and fresh ways.

Add Paint

Paint your walls, ceilings, or even existing furniture to give it more vibrancy and a new look to fit your maximalist style. You can paint an accent wall or make the ceiling the statement. Deep jewel tones on walls are popular in maximalist style, like forest greens, navy blues, purples, maroons, and other rich tones to allow brighter colors to pop against the dark backdrop.

Revel with Rugs

Rugs can add many things to a space: luxury, comfort, texture, pattern, color… Layer your floor up with texture and coziness with colorful or patterned rugs that you love. Rugs can either be a statement themselves or help tie in other themes within your space with a more subtle design. Rugs fit right in to maximize your flooring by giving something soft underfoot and something pretty to ground the space.

Plant Power

Many maximalist homes are often full of plants! If you love your green friends, don’t feel like you need to cut yourself off at a certain number—plants of all shapes and sizes look lovely grouped together to create a jungle-like effect. Paint the pots or hang them on the wall to add layers and contribute to the color palette you’ve chosen.

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