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For most of us, the desk is where we mostly spend our time studying, working, and even crafting! So what better place to invest in other than the work station or study corner that you most often use? When you’re in a positive mood, your work productivity would naturally increase too. So stop feeling sluggish at work – It’s time for a desk makeover!


The best desk lamps can do much more than just light up one of the best desks and provide the ambiance that you need. And if working from home has become the norm for you, having one of the best desk lamps is an essential tool to light up your workspace. You can consider to go for sleek and simple design lamps that require less space and gives a minimalist look.


Stop rustling through stacks of disorganized papers and wondering where things are. Desktop file, trays, boxes or magazine holders organize important documents while looking classy.

A Touch Of Green

Give your eyes a little break in between meetings and calls with some table top greenery. Not only does this help with stress relief, but it also brings life to your otherwise listless corner. Plants boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Bring calm and happiness to your day by putting a lush, green plant on your desk. Many plants, such as English ivy and snake plants, can thrive with low, indirect light, such as a small window across the room.

Wall Decor

This might sound basic and unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised to know that the wall space is a commonly overlooked and under utilized space – perhaps due to the fear of damaging the painted walls. One way to work around this is to use a standing peg board, or cork board to pin your posters, notes and even stationery!

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