Dining Chairs Mix and Match

Have you noticed the current trend of mixing and matching dining chairs? Mismatched dining chairs may seem like a tricky to look pull-off, but when it’s done right the result is a gloriously eclectic design statement that makes your interiors really sing and add masses of personality and interest to any room. To properly pull off this look, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Consistent Colors

Color is a very noticeable feature on a chair, so if you stick with one color, you can get away with mixing and matching a few different styles of chairs!


While there are many approaches to embracing this look, the one thing experts do agree on is keeping the height among your dining chairs consistent. Having chairs at a similar height is key and it’s crucial to get this right before you begin mixing and matching chairs.

Head Chairs

Since the head chairs are traditionally a little different than the side chairs, this is probably the easiest approach to mixing and matching dining chairs. Head chairs often have more details, such as armrests, a taller back, more carving, etc. Changing the head chairs out for a completely different chair breaks tradition, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s less formal.


Whether you use a bench or have counter seating, this option helps to vary your seating style. For a bit of uniformity, consider using all one type of chairs opposite the bench. The head chairs can be different.

Consistent Scale

The chairs below not only have a similar back height, but they all have similar widths and open backs. These commonalities allow them to mix and match easily.

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