Dining Table Christmas Decor Ideas By Colors

Christmas is round the corner, have you plan out how you are going to celebrate with your loved ones? 2020 has been an eventful year with strong emphasis to stay home due to the current pandemic. Though it can be discouraging that we have to minimize social activities especially this holiday season, don’t let this dampen your mood! Let us share with you some tips to decorate your dining table this Christmas and reignite the festive season atmosphere!

Gray Theme:

Consider getting gray color decor items to decorate your dining table. Not only does the color feel luxurious, is kind of dreamy too. A very neutral tone that is classic and eye pleasing.

  1. Mini Christmas items like pine nuts, bells and reindeers are commonly used. Based on the size of your table, you can customize a small bouquet of flower in small glass vases to enhance the look.
  2. Tablecloth and napkins are great tools to create the festive season ambience too. White plates against gray tablecloth or napkins together with the addition of green plants, snowflakes and stars decor can be really romantic. Don’t forget to add in aromatherapy candles and candle stands. 

Gold Theme:

If carefully and strategically done, gold color  can be elegant and posh looking but not overpowering as a Christmas Decor color theme for your dining table.

  1. Using white color as the main base, consider highlighting with gold color decor items or even cutlery that are gold or plates with gold bolders. White and gold are great compliments of one another, a perfect color combination.
  2. Having table runner with some gold elements as the center stage, you can lay your decor items such as candles holders of varying heights to create an enriching look. A centerpiece bouquet or garland will be a highlight to your Christmas Decor.

Pink Theme:

A very sweet and feminine color for Christmas. It will be nice to consider this color especially when there are more ladies in the house. 

  1. Pink with gold glasswares such as drinking glasses and plates are beautiful art pieces on its own and by displaying them on the table, they play an important role to project this sweet pretty look. You can match these tablewares with white napkins tied by pink ribbons to elevate the loom. 
  2. The safest and most classic color combination with pink will be white. Is important to watch the proportion of pink colored items so as to achieve a balance and chic appearance.

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