Dining Room Decor and Design

Your dining room has so much design potential—you just need a spark of inspiration to set your plan for this space into motion. A dining room is a really great place to play with design and test out more adventurous ideas. And when it comes to decorating a dining room, look for items that set the tone for the space and help spark dinner conversation.

Bring Texture With Natural Materials

A wood-rich dining room creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. However, you can max out this effect by not just choosing wooden flooring and furniture, but by choosing wooden panelling ideas for walls, too.

Banquette Seating For A Relaxed Look

Make the most of every nook, and the architectural features of your home, by utilising a window seat or against the wall as dining seating. The built-in bench on one side of the table will save space, as they are flush with the wall. To avoid the set-up looking too unbalanced, choose non-bulky folding chairs for the side opposite.

Decorate With Art Or Books

An inexpensive way to make your dining room more colorful is to fill your built-in shelves with books. If you don’t have custom built-ins, incorporate a couple of tall, uniform bookshelves into your dining room for a similar effect. To bring color and a personal touch to your dining room, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall

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