Dorm Room Decor Ideas and Inspiration

People usually have the impression that dorm room are not the most appeaing places to live, they are old with small windows, ageing carpet and little closet space. But that doesn’t need to be so! WIth a little bit of creativity and extra work, you can transform it to a homely and unique space that showcase your personaly style. Hope these dorms room decor ideas will give you inspiration on how to decorate yours.


Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your love of everything girly. Allow your college dorm to channel your feminine side with soft shades, romantic florals, and cozy fabrics. This can be easily done with a pretty girly duvet cover set.

Storage and Organization

To have a dorm room that shines, storage and organizaton is really crucial. Due to limitation of space for dorm rooms, proper storage not only can make your room looks clean and spacious, it can save you a lot of time when you know where your items are placed. I highly recommend to consider cabinets and shelving like these which you can place removable wicker baskets to keep your narrow entryway, closet and living free from clutters.

Small Cozy Hangout Area

If your room does allow, consider including a small cozy hangout area. Dorm life is all about socializing, isn’t it nice to have your friends over and chill? Place a comfy area rug, a small screen and audio system to play movies or music and some dry flowers or plants (dry flowers if you don’t have time to manage because of loads of school work or activities) to decorate the space and instantly the room is transformed. You can rearrange the furnitures from time to time to freshen it up.

Large Mirror

Mirror is very functional and give you the feel of ‘extra space’ especially in a small room. A vanity area is a must for our college years and with a huge mirror it makes it easier to get your hair and makeup done in the morning, so you can walk out your dorm all ready!

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