Dorm Room Ideas and Tips

Regardless of the tight space and stark appearance when you moved into your dorm room, you can transform your assigned living space into a stylish home—no matter how limited your lighting is, how cold-looking your brick walls feel, or how boring your furniture looks, we have tips for bringing your bland dorm to life. Get ready for some dorm room ideas and tips to make your blank dorm room canvas look like a serious masterpiece.

Hang A Tapestry

The easiest way to cover a big blank wall is to break out a cool tapestry. This patterned lip print makes this space pop, and all it takes is a couple of thumbtacks to get the look.

Incorporate A Ton Of Texture

You’d be remiss not to accessorize your room like you would your outfit for a night out. Texture via a faux fur throw blanket, decorative pillows, and a tufted headboard will make your space feel completely elevated.

Fairy String Lights

Make sure your dorm room is lit—literally and figuratively—with these delicate, wire-strung lights. Bringing your room ambience to the next level.

Neutral Color Palette

When the other students in your building are opting for bright colors and a maximalist approach, try something different. A neutral color palette looks clean and really opens up even the darkest of spaces.

Maximize Your Storage

Dorm rooms can get tight—so it’s wise to be mindful of every piece you bring into your space. Invest in pieces that pull double duty, like ottomans that boast hidden storage.

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