Dressing Room Design Ideas and Tips

Dressing room or walk-in closet is one of the most wanted home features and has become a popular home improvement upgrade in recent years. It is not only just to store clothes but a showcase of your home interior style with this special design item. Once considered typically exclusive to ladies and large luxury homes, the dressing room or walk-in closet are now considered essential for almost anyone, women or men, looking to upgrade or purchasing a new home. 

Here we have a collection of different dressing room designs as well as some tips to look out for. We hope that they can inspire you as you embark on this new project of introducing or upgrading your walk-in closet. Imagine having your favorite boutique right in your own house, enjoy!

Tip 1: Lighting – Usually walk-in closet is located in a corner of the room which might not have much light exposure so besides a center piece of ceiling light, you should consider having downlights as an addition to illuminate the entire area.  For better visibility,  you can also add motion sensor closet lights in the wardrobe so you don’t need to search your beloved piece in the dark and help to save electricity!

Tip 2: Layout – Most walk-in closet are open concept so most of your clothes are basically exposed. In order to keep them tidy and not in a mess, it is important to consider the overall layout comprises of different sections and dividers when designing your wardrobe.  Incorporate extra hanging rods, closet hanging accessories, floor-to-ceiling shelving, and shoe racks into the closet design.

Tip 3: Closet Island – We will highly recommend a closet island if your dressing room does have the space to accomodate one. A centre storage island comes in handy when you need to place your items down temporarily and a useful place to fold your clothes. This island can add extra storage space with drawers to keep things hidden and maintain a tidy look.

Tip 4: Comfy Seat – A comfortable and stylish chair, ottoman or bench will be perfect to give your legs a good rest as you spend time to mix and match or simply just to indulge on the new pieces you have just reward yourself.

Tip 5: Dressing Table – You can consider to have your dressing table here to keep all of your beauty products tidy, easy to find, and in the same space where you’ll be getting dressed.

Tip 6: Mirror – A full-length mirror is highly recommended to both evaluate your appearance and make your closet space look larger.

Tip 7: Accessories and Final Touches – Adding a stylish rug, artwork, photo frames, potted flowers and plants, sound system will bring your dressing room to another level of comfort and personality. As we live in this high tech era, don’t forget to install accessible outlets for all of your electronic devices too!

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