Entryway Decor Styling Ideas

Everybody needs a good spot to make an entrance. Even for those who prefer to come and go with less to-do, an entryway space serves a functional purpose. For one, an entryway is somewhere to take off your shoes, set your keys, and hang up your coat. It also imparts the first impression of your home, thereby setting the tone for the rest of your space. Let’s look at some ideas and tips on how to style your entryway.

Have A Seat

A simple way to make guests feel at home is to have a seat positioned prominently in your entryway. Benches and chairs alike provide a practical opportunity to sit down while putting on or taking off shoes (or to simply take a load off for a few moments.) Entry seating can also be easily accessorized with throw pillows and plants that showcase your personal style as a preview of the rest of the home.

Add Some Flowers and Plants

One of the easiest ways to brighten up any room is by adding plants, and near your front door is no exception. With plenty of varieties and styles to choose from, it allows you to bring the outdoors in.

Add Mirrors

A common secret that designers share is to reflect more light and give the appearance of a larger space is by using mirrors. In addition to allowing you to check how you look right before you walk out the door, it truly adds a level of elegance. Whether you want to go with a floor-length or an arrangement of multiple small ones, mirrors can really pull together a space.

Lighten Up

For a fashionable quick fix in a small space, a chic chandelier or pendant light can be truly transformative without the risk of clutter. With plenty of options to work with, you can find something that fits your preferences and style without much hassle.

Create Extra Storage

Storage is certainly something to keep in mind when decorating your entryway. Given that important items like shoes, umbrellas, and even keys are often left in that area, ensure you have dedicated spaces to put them. A woven basket positioned near the entryway to hold various items or a set of decorative hooks hanging on the wall are perfect examples.

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