Fall Halloween Decorations

For design enthusiasts, there’s more to Halloween than sweet treats. From strategically placed pumpkins to carefully curated cobwebs, the right Halloween decorations can get your space in the spooky spirit and show off your personal style. But when it comes to seasonal decor, there’s a very fine line between chic and kitschy. Discover these Halloween decorations ideas that will be a must for your home decor this Fall!

Set the Tone at Your Door

For a setup that’ll appeal to visitors and trick-or-treaters alike, decorate your porch for the Fall and add some Halloween decor elements that you can easily remove once the holiday ends and you can continue to enjoy a seasonal decor throughout the rest of the year. From the floating bats to the pumpkins in a subdued palette, this space will give your front door ample curb appeal.

Go Batty With Wall Decor

Bats may be freaky, but bat-shaped paper cutouts are a fab way to jazz up a blank wall in your home. The perfect addition to your Halloween home decor.

Creep Up Your Bar Cart

Got a bar cart? Then you’ve gotta dress it up for the occasion with pumpkins, banners, and cute pillows!

Spooky Halloween Corner

Create a storytelling corner with garlands, balloons, pumpkins and many other halloween decoration elements. A great place for your friends and family to pose for photos and create memories together.

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