Farmhouse Living Home Decor Tips

Farmhouse style has been one of the most popular trends in home décor in recent years. It’s simplicity, warmth, and welcoming look are probably the main reasons for their popularity. This style is easy to adopt and can pretty much create a charming farmhouse look for any homes.  There are many ways to create this look that is close to nature but just a good point to note that nothing should be too delicate or precious. Instead, items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style. Let us look into some decor tips to create a farmhouse living home.

Tip 1: Warm Neutral Colors

The best color palette for farmhouse style is light and fresh, but that doesn’t mean your room needs to be white. Look for warm pale tones like in this room, the light beige and oatmeal tones of the couch make the white of the room seem warmer and more welcoming. The wooden coffe table is a great way to enhance the look of the farmhouse style. 

Tip 2: Hardwood Flooring

If you want to create a rustic, chic look in your home, consider your flooring. The most obvious feature of farmhouse style is the hardwood flooring.  Do look out for wide planks which are traditional in farmhouses because wide planks hearken back to the days when wide planks were all that was available with the tools carpenters used.

Tip 3: Wicker Storage Baskets and Accent Lamps

A little of these materials can go a long way. Consider putting wickerstorage baskets like this one which cnnect with the outdoors and helps create a country feel. A good idea is also to introduce accent lamps that not only brighten up the room but also double up as cozy warm farmhouse decor for your living room.

Tip 4: Cozy Fireplace and Rustic Accessories

Farmhouses in the past almost all had fireplaces for warmth on cold nights. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a fireplace and making it the cozy centerpiece of the room.  By arranging your seating strategically around it, you can create a comfortable and inviting communal area to hang out with your loved ones and guests. You can also add on these rustic accessories such as figurine, vase, boxes and books to enhance the look.

Tip 5: White Bathroom with Matching Country Tiers Curtains

The farmhouse style is all about being light and airy, and there’s no better way to get that look than with all white everything. The white bathroom together with the color matching country tiers just create the perfect look.

Tip 6: Horses Figurine and Farm Animal Paintings

Animals such as horses, dogs and cows have long been a part of farm and ranch life. This tabletop horse figurine and animal paintingsis a unique way to bring nature and farmhouse personality to your home.

Tip 7: Vintage Armchair

You won’t necessarily want to fill your entire house with vintage furniture, but you should definitely have some. Pair your new sofa with vintage side armchiar like this one to mix and match and bring some history into your home.

Tip 8: Classic White Kitchen with Marble Countertop

A farmhouse kitchen that has classic white wooden cabinets and marble countertop. Constrasting with high wooden chair and pendant lights which can display a warm and inviting ambience in the kitchen.

Tip 9: Classic Quilts and Vintage Chest

Quilts and the farmhouse decorating theme go together like peanut butter and jelly. Layering a quilt over a bedspread, as in the room shown here, is another hallmark of the farmhouse style. A vintage chest looks great when paired with your bed for the farmhouse look.

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