Farmhouse Style Decor

The essence of farmhouse style is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of character. It highlights a simpler time. This decor is about designing a space that is comfortable, functional, clean, and inviting, a central gathering place for family and friends to convene. Let’s explore some ideas and tips on how to create one.

Vintage Furniture

These kind of furniture can help you add some history to your home. Remember to mix and match modern furniture with vintage finds for a unique look to avoid the house looking outdated.

Light Fixtures

One of the fastest and easiest ways to change the feel of any space is with a light fixture. Most farmhouse-style light fixtures will be candle chandeliers, as they mimic what was available back in the day. Pendant lighting will also give you a similar look and feel. Don’t be afraid of using a large-sized chandelier as it can become your statement piece and draw attention to spaces like your living room or dining room.

Open and Inviting

The heart of any farmhouse decor beats in the kitchens and dining rooms. When designing a farmhouse kitchen, area function rises above all else. Think deep kitchen sinks, large block islands, and bar top seating for making the kitchen the center of entertainment. Easy and open connection between kitchen and dining with plenty of chairs, benches allow family to gather and enjoy meals together.

Wicker and Rattan

These natural materials are by far the go-to for decorating with farmhouse style in mind. Use these materials in laundry, plant baskets to connect the outdoors to the indoor and adding that country look and feel you’re striving for.

Close To Nature

Think about the origins of farmhouse style, this down-to-earth approach to decorating. A farmhouse home has vintage finishing touches and decorative elements that bring your home close to nature. Using different way of displaying your plants like hanging planters, wreaths and vases at the front porch to instantly add farmhouse elements to your home.

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