First Small Loft Apartment Inspirations

Loft apartments and tiny houses offer the low-key living option. Loft bedrooms are common to the smaller dwellings. The floorplan saves a lot of floor space and maximizes vertical space. In apartments where every square foot counts, lofted beds can act as both a stylish and space-saving element. Here are brilliant loft bedroom ideas and designs that eliminate the cramped look for a spacious and organized home.

White Mezzanine

The all-white interiors create seamlessness within the space and help bounce off light giving it a brighter look. Interesting details like the wire balustrade, the dark wood floors and unique lighting give the room character and a distinctive style.

Wood Flooring

To cover up that entire precious floor in carpet would be a deep, horrifying shame. Wood elongates a room whereas carpet can often diminish the impression of the size. The bigger a loft, the more imagination and creative flow will ensue.


Turn a barn into this delightful loft! The high ceilings and white interiors lightens up the space, making it appear larger than it is. Add in potted plants for color and texture. Try to include plants whenever deem appropriate to brightens up the place.

Rustic Farmhouse

Create a loft with a lot of charm and style. The use of natural elements such as wood, warm neutral colors, weathered finishes, and textured rug all convey the rustic charms of a farmhouse.

Attic Retreat

Turn your attic in this cozy, welcoming and dreamy bedroom. The space is ethereal and beautiful. The all-white interiors brighten the space with the help of the wide windows and string light features. Keep the floor bare and the furnishings minimal. Just add a large comfy bed.

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