Funky Home Decor Ideas

What is a funky home decor style? It’s cutting-edge, it’s chic, and yes, it’s individualistic. Artistry is a crucial feature when it comes to funky interiors. An eye for the unusual is imperative to get the look just right. A home that is styled just right for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries while remaining true to an individual theme.

Vibrant Cushions & Curtains

An ideal way to brighten up your space would be to decorate your room in vibrant colors and quirky furnishings. Instead of the boring whites and creams, choose the curtains in bold colors like indigo, purple and yellow. You can arrange attractive cushions near your bedside or even create a floor sitting arrangement with large floor cushions. Mix different patterns, hues and sizes and choose cushions with bold prints to make it eye-catching.

Character Furnitures

Apart from the basic requirements like a dining table, choose accent furniture which reflects your personality and ensures that they make for a beautiful addition to your home interior. Low tables with large floor cushions or bean bags and ottomans are a perfect way to induce the desired casual look to the room. Take your pick from different colors, shades and patterns that can complement your decor and other arrangements of the space.

Quirky Accessories

Brighten up your abode by choosing some quirky accessories such as fun posters, coffee mugs, coasters, paper-weights, flower vases and rugs. You can also choose from funky teapots, trash bins, ashtrays and beverage glasses with funny lines and quotes. Posters and letter boards can help in adding a fun element to the home decor.


From the simple single bulbs to dramatic beaded chandeliers, dress up your space with attractive ceiling lights and ceiling pendants that are funky and unusual. Create a different ambience for your space by choosing lights in many different finishes and materials. Proper lighting plays an important role as it can lighten up your walls and furnishings.

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