Funky Apartment Decor

Do you know what kind of decorations that are considered funky decors? One example of this kind of apartment decors is vintage apartment decorations. Vintage is definitely considered as an era that can bring funky mood to a house or apartment. It has classic yet also unique sense to a room that is built in this modern era. Therefore, if you want to add funky mod to your new apartment then it is highly recommended for you to take several decorations with vintage, retro or colorful style.


The first thing you need to consider once you are thinking about funky apartment decor is apartment furniture. You can add a cabinet with vibrant colors for the funky style. Meanwhile, you can also choose a retro sofa or chairs for your apartment’s living room. This kind of furniture will not only be useful for your apartment’s functionality but it will also add the funky mood you want to create to your apartment. Remember not to add too many furniture so you will not make your apartment too crowded and packed.

Pendant Light

Lighting influences every aspect of modern apartment design, from wall color to decor. Pendant light that exhibits funky or cool shapes and style can double as a statement decor piece in your apartment.

Stick It

In a small space, every surface is valuable — so by all means, consider any empty wall space as a valuable blank canvas. Instantly transform your apartment with a makeover by covering it in a bold wallpaper that makes your space.

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