Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

On the hunt for some stylish girls’ bedroom ideas? When looking back to your childhood bedroom decor, you may have vivid memories of how you wanted to make it your own. These girls’ bedroom ideas will help you create the pink palace, cowgirl hideout or rainbow retreat of her dreams.


Feminine wallpaper! Girl’s bedrooms don’t have to be all about the pink, in fact if you are going for longevity maybe you are best avoiding piling up the pink altogether. Instead, opt for a neutral pastel color scheme with some nature and florals. It’s subtle yet kids will love it, but it also feels simple and elegant, so house proud adult approved too.

Stylish Den Space

What child, no matter what age, wouldn’t want a den in their bedroom? And when we say den, we aren’t talking about an amateur cushion fort, we mean a gorgeous cozy nook that’s perfect for chilling and reading. Super simple to recreate too, hang a canopy in one corner of the room or a standalone Teepee den, then just pile up the pillow inside. Add a sheepskin rug too for extra coziness and don’t forget the fairy lights!

Focal Point

You can fill your child’s room with amazing, one-of-a-kind art and décor or item that serve as the center of attention. This chandelier and carousel bed/wall decoration just add in the magical and princess touch to the bedroom.

Bunk Beds

More often than not, kids’ rooms are smaller than other rooms. And if this is the case in your house, you might find that a bunk bed is an ideal way to make more space in their little bedroom, especially if you’ve got two children sharing one room. You’ll often find that small items are what clutter your children’s bedrooms. Having storage in the bunk beds can help massively in keeping their rooms neat and tidy.

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