Glam Room Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you lay your head to sleep at night so the atmosphere is so important! Glam bedrooms are defined by an element of sophistication. When it comes to glam bedrooms, there are lots of possibilities. If you love metallic, feminine colors and high style, then glamorous decor is probably the right style for you! Getting the right look and feel to your space takes time, so don’t feel pressured to get it all right very fast.

Vintage Molding

Something about a room with thoughtful, intricate molding makes it feel expensive. Get the European look by adding floor-to-ceiling molding to one or all of the walls in your bedroom.

Stunning Statement Lighting

Make a statement in your bedroom with glamorous lighting. Look for floor lamps that give off strong illumination with slim bases as well as glamorous, glittering chandeliers that take center stage.


Mirrors can reflect light and make the room brighter, so they come in handy for creating an illusion of a bigger space. Plus, they happen to be ultra-glam. Whether you choose to hang mirrors above your bedside tables (and allow them to act as pseudo windows) or bring in an oversized, full-length mirror to lean against the wall, you can never have too many reflective surfaces in a glam bedroom.

Velvet Bedding

If there’s one fabric in particular that screams “glam,” it’s velvet. So why not add some allure to your bedspread by opting for the soft, smooth, and subtly shiny material? For added drama, pick a duvet and matching shams in a luscious jewel tone.

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