Home Decor Tips To Brighten Up Your Living Room

Are you trying to find a way to add a little bit of sunshine to your living area without doing a major revamp? With a little bit of imagination, you can easily lit up and transform you gloomy, dark room. Follow us as we introduce you some tips and tricks how these changes can make a big difference and brighten things up!


Curtains – Windows occupy a big space in the living area and by choosing light drapes, your house immediately looks brighter. If you find plain white color too boring, consider those with pattern or textured or a mixture of day and blackout night curtain. You can consider color combination of the sheer white day curtain with light pastel colors like gray or beige.

Main Living Area

Area Rug – Do not underestimate the power of flooring, it can set the tone for the entire living room.  A dark floor can make your space feel heavy but on the opposite, a light floor can brighten it.  Wait a minute, are you suggesting to replace the floor? Don’t worry, we are not going to suggest any major renovation work here but just a minor tweak, a change to a light area rug and your whole living space is lighten up. The rug does not have to be a solid color, you can opt for a patterned rug  but make sure the overall color of the rug is light and bright.

Throw blanket – A simple way to reupholster an old chair or sofa but without all that work. Drape a throw blanket over the center of your couch and instantly it is brought back to life with a new look.  If your sofa is dull or old in color, choose lighter and brighter throw blanket to put over it. Even if you have a leather couch that is already good looking with its smoothness and shine, you can still brighten up the space by contrasting it with a light colored fuzzy cashmere throw blanket draped over the back of it.

Throw Pillows – Another home decor accessories that are not only beautiful in display but practical. Yes, Decorative Pillow Covers! Flung a bunch of them on a couch or chairs, they can make immediate lit up your living space with minimal effort. You can mix and match with different colors, prints and textures to brighten up even the most neutral of rooms.

Flowers Or Plants – I don’t think there’s anything that really freshens up a space more than some well-placed flowers or big, leafy plants. Add plenty of plants with nice planters to your decor, both small and big and you will literally breathe new life and positive vibes into your home.


Mirrors – A perfect tool and incredibly handy to light up your living space. Firstly, they will make your room appear larger and they also help to reflect any light from the outside, especially if they are placed across from light sources, such as windows.  Even if is not feasible to put near the winder, you can still place them in other areas such as above couches or hung above side tables, mirrors are like little windows that open up spaces wherever they are.

Artwork – If you want to save the hassle to repaint the walls, hanging or even leaning some fun art pieces can enhance the ambiance of a room! Consider adding artwork that are bright and cheerful which makes you feel happy when you look at it. Not only displaying some art pieces showcase your style and personality, it is a great way to make your living hall brighter and more visually welcoming.


Lights – Avoid heavy light fixtures that can be detrimental to creating a light and airy space. When choosing an overhead hanging fixture, go for something visually light. Crystal chandeliers (as long as they are not too large or complex) can be beautiful and elegant as faceted crystals will reflect the light from the bulbs, making the space even brighter.

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