Home Office Decor Ideas For Women

While working from home has its perks, it’s important to spruce up a specific spot in your house for maximum productivity. Yet for many of us, we’re typing away at a makeshift home “office”, at our living rooms or dining areas- which are decent, but could very well do with a little upgrade. Inspire with some of these home office ideas that’ll help jazz up your home office space.

A Statement Painting

Since it’s not a common area, your home office is a great place to take design risks with art and furniture choices. Art should not always be saved for the main and sometimes more important rooms in the home. Tall stained oak bookshelves that go up to the ceiling maximize shelf space for artful objects, and of course, books

Small Writing Desk

Though the bedroom isn’t the ideal space to set up shop, you may not have a choice. In these scenarios, look for a smaller profile writing desk or one against the wall. You can make it more stylish and lovely when accessorized with flowers or plants, a beautiful lamp, and framed photo or art.

Focus On Lighting

Bright ideas call for a brightly lit room. If your office doesn’t have a ton of natural light, add as muchtask lightingas you possibly can. A decorative pendant light can enhance the overall ambience too. For small offices where floor and desktop space may be limited, narrow sconces work wonders and lend a more laid back mood when put on a dimmer.

Be A Minimalist

There’s a reason minimalism is favored by some of the world’s most successful people. A clutter-free space outfitted with simple furnishings and a neutral color palette has a way of freeing the mind and sparking creativity.

Floor To Ceiling With Storage

Maximize every inch of space in your office by opting for floor-to-ceiling shelving. Organization is key in keeping things from looking chaotic, so if you tend to be on the messier side, consider doing the floor-to-ceiling treatment on just one wall.

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