Home Office Desk Ideas – Cool Stylish Vs Sweet Elegant

Have you been working from home lately due to the current pandemic? For the first time ever, you realized that you need a dedicated space for work to focus and be productive. With thoughtful planning and creativity, almost any space in the home can be turned into a useful home office. Well, today we will show you that you don’t need a vast amount of space such as a dedicated room to make a home office work, just a corner will be sufficient.

We will be showcasing 2 contrasting styles that are both inspiring yet catering to different personalities.

Cool Stylish Design

This design uses a color combination of Black, White, Dark Brown (Walnut Wood Color) for a cool stylish look. We have incorporated plants to enhance the overall look and adding this missing nature link to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job. As these plants are placed on the desk which maybe far from the light source, we will recommend to select plants that can handle low levels of natural sunlight such as Devil’s Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, the Peace lily, the rubber plant, and the monstera deliciosa. Spider plants and snake plants are good options too as they are very easy to maintain and care for.  There are numerous benefit so adding plants as they can increase the humidity around the desk, remove toxins from the air, and add a touch of style to your workspace.

One of our top favorites and very essential tool to have in your home office would be a tablet stand. Not only does a tablet stand allows you to be hands-free, since it is elevated it actually free up your desk from overcrowding with too many items. Very importantly, this sleek stand can be adjusted to an ergonomic height to prevent strain on your neck throughout your work day. Since it is also raised to your eye level,  it also allows your to see everything on your tablet display comfortably, boosting your productivity.

A low level computer monitor table is ideal to raise your screen to a comfortable height that is perfect for you. Besides you can use it to organize your desktop space, making it look clean and tidy. You can easily store your office accessories & supplies under or on this table which maximize space usage and use your desk for working or writing.

Having a storage and organization tray like this can be really handy especially in organizing small items lying around the desk. These trays are great to hold small objects in one place such as keys, cards, coins and more. They are foldable too which you can button it up to become a tray or unsnapped it to take it with you when you travel. There are many colors and materials available in the market but to match our decor, we have used  this elegant piece which is made of high quality faux leather

Sweet Elegant Design

The other design which uses a color combination of pink, white, beige and gold to project a sweet elegant look. Using the larger pieces of furnishings such as the velvet rose pink chair, rose pink round throw pillow, plain white desk together with chest of drawers to set the main color tone of your home office. Drawers are great to organize your space and keep all the mess away from the table, increasing your effectiveness at your work. In this home office design, the laptop and tablet stands are also utilized to unclutter your desktop space and make working from home more productive.

Time to time in the midst of your working hours, you may want to freshen up and instead of having your body and face lotions lying around, we use a makeup or cosmetic storage organizer to keep everything in one place. These pretty gold cage like organizer are a great enhancer to this sweet elegant decor.

Aromatherapy in the workplace can give your home office a quick, no fuss face-lift! Essential oils have qualities that can truly enhance your work environment. From encouraging focus, to purifying the air, to boosting the mood, there’s something for every office personality. Consider using essential oil in the form of candle or diffuser to introduce aromatherapy to improve your overall well being. 

A few simply framed art prints can make even a small corner office in your bedroom and living room feel inspirational and fun. You will feel less stress and more comfortable as you work in your little corner. Here we have used a soothing pastel pink and white art pieces to complement the overall look of the your home office to avoid a distracting effect. Tips: Avoid intense or high-contrast color arrangements as they can strain your eyes.

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