Home Office Ideas and Inspiration

The right home office can help increase your productivity by inspiring creativity and allowing you to cancel out other distractions. Whether you’re considering transforming an unused guest room into a home office, or you have a little nook in a living space you can repurpose as a dedicated work zone, spending a little bit of time personalizing your approach will go a long way. Get inspired by these design trends for a functional, chic and totally refreshed home office.


One way to make your office space feel more modern and contemporary is by adding a handful of beautiful artwork or photography. Not only will a simple gallery wall add a bit of visual interest to your office space, but if you are sharing it with a room with another purpose, it can help define the space.

A Statement Lamp

Late-night projects don’t just happen: they take passion, dedication, and a lot of lighting! A necessary fixture in every type of home office, a strong table lamp is also one of the most effortless ways to balance out – or embolden! – a room’s style.

Natural Light

If you have a few rooms in your house you’re considering turning into a home office, pick the one with the most natural light. Natural light not only makes a room feel bigger and more open, but it can aid in productivity.


The best work-from-home spaces are not only bright and welcoming, but they are incredibly functional as well. Consider wall unit storage to create a custom look and feel that won’t make your room feel closed-in or small.

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