Home Office & Study Room Decor Tips For Maximum Productivity

Working from home is becoming the new norm since the emergence of COVID-19 last year. There are benefits of working from home however it does has its fair share of struggles too especially decrease in productivity. We do know that there can be a lot of distractions at home, and a cluttered workspace is probably the main contributor. So let’s look at some study room interior design ideas or home office designs that would help to improve your productivity and efficiency, and complement your working style and lifestyle.

Tip 1: Clipboards

Instead of having your notes and papers lying everywhere on the desk, and the possibility of losing or misplacing the important ones, you can try using clipboards which are great to keep them in one place. Here a few clipboards are being used so as to segregate your loose papers properly and surprisingly working as great wall decor, keeping your desk clean and tidy. 

Tip 2: Seagrass or Wicker Baskets

These natural baskets are perfect as storage baskets and serve as great decor for your study room. The natural materials blends well with the room color theme of white and oakwood, giving a fresh and clean look. Most importantly they are light yet sturdy and some flexibility in shape which can accommodate many different sizes of items.

Tip 3: Comfortable Seating

If you do not like the bulkiness of office chair designs and want to stay on your designer chair that match well with your study room furnitures, then you can consider adding on a comfy and cozy cushion or faux fur like this one. Not only does this elevate your decor, it brings you comfort when you need to sit for longer hours.

Tip 4: Chic Rubbish Bin

Rather than keeping your unwanted papers on the desk, why not include a bin in your study so you can immediately dispose them and declutter your work space.  This is a must have so why not getting one that is beautiful and chic looking to complement the look.

Tip 5: Document Organizer Folders

Organize your files and magazines in these organizer folders. They are extremely neat looking and if you do not need to use them frequently, you can place them at the top of your open shelves to free up more space.

Tip 6: Chest Of Drawers

If you are a minimalist and would love to free up your desk as much as you can, then consider getting these chest of drawers so you can keep away all your loose items in them. Each drawers are of slightly different depth which is ideal to accommodate assorted items. 

Tip 7: Houseplants

To be effective in your work space, I strongly recommend having houseplants in the room. They are great to look at when your eyes are tired of long hours of using your computer. And they bring life and purify the air, improving your mood and overall health. 

Tip 8: Artwork

Consider introducing some paintings and art pieces in your study, not only do they showcase your style and personality, they will be pleasing to the eyes and possibly giving your more inspirations as your work. 

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