Home Office Workspace Inspiration

As the world continues to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is now the new normal. It’s also become evident that sitting on the couch with your laptop won’t cut it in the long term. Choose an area that’s quiet and offers some privacy so you can focus as this also helps to effectively separate work from personal spaces. Consider a spot with windows providing natural light as well as good air circulation to promote health and productivity. Here are some home office workspace inspiration to help you in the design of your home work or study space decor.

Decorate Your Wall

If you are staring at a blank wall while typing away on your laptop, why not brighten it up with some art? You can hang photos of your loved ones, beautiful framed prints or inspiring motivational quotes to add some colors and style to your wall.

Freshen Up With Plants

Adding some houseplants helps to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job. House plants can increase the humidity around a desk, purify the air, and add to your home workspace decor.

Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

For office work that entails long hours of sitting, the chair should help with sitting posture and provide lumbar support. Adjustable armrests, adjustable seat depth and adjustable height to tally with each individual’s height are recommended for the best comfort.

Storage Cart

If you only have space for a simple desk at home, use a three-tiered trolley cart for some extra storage space. You can put anything on it—stationery, documents, books, snacks and even plants. Not only does it help to keep your space tidy, a neatly organized cart can also look aesthetically pleasing and add to the decor. Plus, if you ever feel like working from a different part of the house, you can just easily move the cart with everything that you need.

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