How To Brighten Up Your House With Greens

Does your house feels gloomy and lack of life? Are you looking for a new way to brighten and decorate your home? If these are what you have been searching for, I believe we have the answers for you – Indoor plants. Many have a misconception that plants are usually for the outdoors like in the gardens or patios, but we are going to show you today how plants can actually work wonders indoor to brighten up different areas of the house. A good combination of plants with home decor colors and designs will improve your mood and breathe new life into your house in an instance.

3 in 1 – Living, Dining and Kitchen All in 1 Space

To fully maximize the amount of natural light in the house, the designer has uniquely combine these 3 key areas in 1, generating a very open and bright space. Such open concept contributes to visual continuity that enables family to stay connected, happy and warm even on a busy day. With good sunshine, fresh air and plenty of room to breathe, houseplants are perfect to grow, bloom and thrive. Play around with different varieties & sizes of houseplants in beautiful planters of different textures and patterns to create your own unique style. The potted green plants goes well here with the simple color theme of white, grey and light brown which in an instance brighten up your living space with a sense of calm and peace.

Master bedroom

In line with the same color scheme as the living area, we have introduced a grey featured wall with hand drawn light colored feathers to add some creative and artistic elements in the room. Together with potted plant in a windowsill adds greenery to your sleeping space.

Nursery or Children room

In a more confined space or a smaller space like the nursery or children room, take advantage of the window to maximize the light and green in the room. In this example, we have made use of the shrubs outdoor to bring the visual effect of nature and green. Combining with a white farmhouse wooden ladder display shelf, you can consider adding some faux plants or flowers to beautify the vertical space.

We have attached the house plan to give you an idea where you can place your indoor plants to brighten up your house, enhance your space and life!

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