How to display your houseplants in style?

Houseplants have been introduced into home decor for decades, not only are they taking over floors and windowsills. they are also moving upwards to our ceilings.  If you are struggling to find new ways to add more plants to your own at-home jungle or if you just want to make over your existing plant decor and give your home a new look, you will definitely enjoy and benefit from the inspiring plant display examples below. Let us look at the various ideas to display your houseplants in style.

Hanging Houseplants

Look up! Do you have a lot of unused ceiling space that is plain white and dull looking? Well you can certainly make use of that space without taking up square footage. Hanging houseplants is a fun way to draw the eye upwards and add more greenery to your home. Many types of plants work in hanging planters, but not all of them look good in them. If you are looking to create a ‘wow’ effect in your living, do consider these bushy, trailing ivy plants that we showcase in this house here. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of complexity and prefer a simpler, minimalist look, you can go for the airier plant that are generally easier to maintain.

Seagrass Plant Baskets

Do you like the tropical beach style in your home? Using natural materials like seagrass really make you feel close to nature. Check out the seagrass woven plant basket on a stand, it just blend in so well with the seagrass hanging plate wall decor. Plant stands on their own is a lovely decor item with a purpose, together with a woven basket as a cache pot will definitely add detail and character to the surrounding environment.  Just a tip, do make sure that  the pot you place into the basket has proper drainage, and that a saucer to collect excess water has been placed inside the basket in order to avoid water spills of any kind.

Hanging On A Coat Rack

Are you a renter and/or don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling?  Try out this idea by hanging your plants on your clothing rack. It is actually a great and interesting room divider idea as it helps to visually divide the space but also lets in lots of light! And if yours come with rollers below, you can easily move them around and change the look of your home anytime you want.

Large Ceramic Pot

If you’re into minimalism or Scandinavian-inspired design, just introduce a huge plant in a large glossy beautifully colored ceramic pot and it will just stand out and be a highlight of the entire living room. Here we are showcasing the birds of paradise which are tropical plants and they enjoy bright sunlight so placing it near the window or any spot with good light is ideal. Its broad, arching leaves make a dramatic, graceful statement in your home. 

Plant Shelves

You can create a shelf system of plants with various sizes and types of mini plants and pots., a powerful visual statement to make your home feel like a jungle with many small/affordable plants instead of splurging on big and/or expensive plants. These are pleasing to the eyes and  is rather interesting as it feels like going to a botanical garden with collection of different plant species.

Plant Pots With Stands

An indoor plant stand is great for showing off your houseplants – it will give your greenery a little height and will add some character to your space. They are also great if you have a constraint on space as the raised legs will give the illusion of a bigger space as it will enable more light to flow around the room.

Wall Planters

Do you want to decorate your wall with plants? A metal rack wall planter with different types of plants would be a beautiful vertical garden in your home.

Tension Rod

Have you ever thought of using the tension rods to hang plants? They are commonly used to erect curtains but they can be creatively used to display your plants too. Together with the little pots on the cabinets as seen in this home, you can create your little green corner. Just remember to take note of the weight limit the rods can handle before you go hanging up an entire indoor garden to avoid a noisy and messy fall, and be sure to take the extra weight into account after watering your plants.

The Fusion – Urban Jungle

With a combination of the ideas shared above, this living hall is beautifully decorated with different type of plants displayed on plant stand, baskets, wall, shelves and large colored pots. A very refreshing and welcoming ambience created with the incorporation of plants in this home.

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